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The One [Apr. 29th, 2010|08:56 pm]
That Mitchell and Webb Slash



Rating: U

Word Count: 170

Characters/Pairings: Mark/Jeremy (unrequited)

Spoilers: None 

Warnings: Slash, mild language

Summary: Mark always thinks he's found the one.

A/N: Just a drabble that popped into my head. Never posted any Peep Show fic before.

‘I think she might be the One.’

No Mark you’re wrong.  She’s not the One. Why do you keep doing this to yourself? She’s wrong for you. She’ll hurt you. She’ll leave you broken and hurt and it’ll be up to me to put you back together again.

You think I enjoy seeing you broken? I might do stupid things sometimes Mark because let’s face it, I’m basically an idiot – but I’d never intentionally hurt you. I hate seeing you hurting.

I wish you’d just stop and see what is right in front of you; that there is a reason that I’ve stuck by you as long as I have; that there’s a reason that you are the one I turn to when I fuck everything up; that there is a reason why, no matter how many women I sleep with, none of them will ever last for long...

It’s because I love you Mark. She’s not your One. I’m your One. Why can’t you see that?


[User Picture]From: likemycoffee
2010-04-30 05:27 am (UTC)
thanks :-) no i don't think Jez is a total asshole. I think most of the time he just acts without thinking... probably because of the amount of drugs he takes lol :-)
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